A New Plugin to Capitalize Your Titles, by Capitalize My Title

Discover a neat new way to capitalize your WordPress content titles, and keep things nice, consistent, and professional looking.

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Easily capitalize your titles with Capitalize My Title built-in your page editor.

This one is small but exciting (to me at least). I’m a big fan of standardization and consistency. As such, I’ve been using the Capitalize My Title web tool for a long time, well… to capitalize my titles.

Recently an official Capitalize My Title WordPress plugin was released! The premium plan will help you capitalize any heading tag, and even your page title tag, and enable you to use keyboard shortcuts. The free version will only help you capitalize your post and page titles, but this is still nice. Having the functionality built-in to the page editor is time-saving, and will probably reduce the chance of you forgetting this little task.

No bulk actions are available in either plan, which feels a bit of a miss. The plugin is brand new though, so maybe bulk actions will be added in the future.

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