Block Editor Tip: You Can Paste URLs Directly Over Text to Create a Link

Learn how to simplify the task of creating text links in the Block Editor with a hidden trick.

Creating text links in the Block Editor is an ordinary and common task. But yet, it is quite tedious. You need to select a text, click the link icon in the toolbar, paste the link, and hit enter.

Luckily, there is a great time-saving trick, which apparently isn’t documented or mentioned anywhere else – you can paste a link directly over the text.

You can paste a link directly over the text to create a text link

This trick is somewhat counterintuitive, and the only reason I discovered it, by mistake I guess, is because Dropbox Paper has a similar feature.

This is how to easily create text links, step-by-step:

  1. Type the text for the link

    For example, the title of an external article.

  2. Copy the URL for the link

    You can copy it from everywhere.

  3. Select the text for the link, and paste

    Either using right-click or Ctrl+V. Instead of the URL overriding and replacing the text, it will be set as its link href.

  4. Your link is ready

That’s it, a couple of steps shaved, and some precious time saved.

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