For How Long Do Official WordPress Themes Get Updates?

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Consistent updates are an important factor in choosing a WordPress theme. How do the official WordPress Twenty-something themes stand in it?

Although lacking in flexibility, official WordPress themes, that is the Twenty-something series, are of high quality – which is an important factor in choosing a theme. Another important factor in choosing a theme is consistent updates.

As a new official theme is released, more or less, every year, the updates-policy for old official themes is unclear. An official guideline on the subject is nowhere to be found. So I went back in history for a little research.

Official WordPress themes – history of general updates

The Twenty Ten is the first theme of the Twenty-series, and, as for the time of writing – eleven years after initially released – it’s still getting updates. This is good news. The next question is what kind of updates does it get? does it enjoy, for example, the support of new standards?

The Block Editor and AMP – case studies of new-standards updates

The question of updates type, and, more specifically, updates for support of new standards, is, of course, a more complicated one. For a partial answer, I will use the Block Editor and AMP as case studies. The Twenty Ten changelog lists updates relate to the Block Editor, which was released 8 years after the theme was initially released – pretty impressive. Regarding AMP, the earliest Twenty-something theme officially listed on the AMP for WordPress website as supporting AMP is Twenty Fifteen. The theme was initially released in December 2014, while AMP was first announced almost a year after, on October 7, 2015. So it safe to say that Twenty Fifteen was initially released without AMP support, and was later updated to be certified as AMP compatible.


It seems that the official Twenty-something WordPress theme enjoying long-term consistent updates, sometimes even for new standards.

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