How to Easily Add Royalty-Free, SEO-Friendly, and Creator-Friendly Stock-Images to Your Post, Using Jetpack

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Adding free stock-images can make your posts richer. But doing it “by-the-book” can be a tedious task. Learn how to use a great solution.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

green mountain surrounded by body of water photo
Photo by Borislav Krustev on

But adding a stock-image to your WordPress post can be a hassle. You need to:

  • Find a nice photo, and make sure it is royalty-free (unless you are feeling rich).
  • Download it, and upload it to your WordPress.
  • Mention the creator and link to its profile, because it is either required or just nice.
  • Compose alt text for accessibility and SEO.

This is quite a chore. You will probably skip one of the steps or cut corners, which means you might miss opportunities, or even get into some troubles.

Luckily, Jetpack and Pexels have a hidden solution for you. I call it hidden because it is nowhere to be found in the Jetpack settings. But, when Jetpack is installed, you can find an option to add a free Pexels image, under “Select image”:

graphical user interface, application
Jetpack adds an option to use Pexels Free Photos under “Select image”

The option is there for featured images as well. Just find a photo you like and that’s it. It will come with the appropriate attribution to the creator and a descriptive alt text.


A Jetpack-Pexels partnership and a hidden feature allow you to simplify the otherwise tedious task of adding free stock-images to your WordPress.

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