How to Group Existing Blocks in the Block Editor (with a GIF)

How to Group Existing Blocks in the Block Editor (with a GIF)

Grouping blocks makes your design modular. Sometimes, you need to group pre-existing blocks. The way might not be intuitive. Here’s how to.

This one is simple, but might not be straightforward. At least it wasn’t for me. Sometimes it is useful to group blocks together, for later be able to move, duplicate, or delete them together. Grouped blocks make your design more modular. You might remember to plan ahead and group blocks as you add them. But, because of poor planning or unforeseen changes, you might occasionally have to group already-existing blocks.

The intuitive (at least for me) – but DEAD-END – path

In the absence of an intuitive way for selecting multiple blocks (the Ctrl key isn’t helping here), I took this path: On a block’s menu, there is a More options button (⋮). Clicking it reveals a promising Group option. After clicking the Group option, the block gets highlighted. The next intuitive step, at least for me, is clicking the block I want to add to the group. But clicking the next block at this stage is doing nothing, except losing the focus on the original block. This path feels like a dead-end – and it is, indeed, a dead-end. What I actually did is creating a one-block group.

An intuitive but dead-end path for grouping existing blocks.

How to group existing blocks – the right path

But fear not, you can group existing blocks. Here is how to:

  1. Pre-select the blocks by selecting their text

    The by-selecting-their-text part wasn’t intuitive for me.

  2. Use the Group option under the More options menu (⋮)

    The blocks will be grouped and highlighted as one – success!

The trick is to pre-select the blocks by selecting their text.

That’s it. Happy grouping!

(P.S. A thought to share with the WordPress team: maybe the Group option shouldn’t be available when only one block is selected?)

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