The Block Editor Alignment Paradox

The Block Editor Alignment Paradox

Gutenberg’s block editor alignment-selection dropdown has its mysteries. Read to avoid confusion…

UPDATE: This is now fixed with a ‘None’ option that can’t be deselected:

How many alignment options do you see in the image?

There are 2 options in the dropdown, and 2 types of icons ( and ) – so 2 seems to be the obvious answer.

Clicking the already-selected Wide width option thickens the plot…

Now, how many alignment options?

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Guess again. There are 3!

The Wide width option is now apparently unselected. There are still two options in the dropdown. But now there are actually 3 types of icons! Two, those we have already seen, are named – Wide width () and Full width (). But now there is a third, new one (). It is the currently-selected one, the one in the toolbar – and it is anonymous. In fact, even digging in the HTML doesn’t provide a clue for its name. Reason suggests it is a default option, but what’s the default behavior in this context? Anyway, the fact is there are actually 3 alignment options here.

Few questions are then raised:

  • How can one guess clicking a selected option unselects it? (dropdowns don’t usually behave this way)
  • If one first encounters the state captured by the first screenshot – how can one know there are 3 alignment options, rather than 2?
  • What’s the name of the anonymous, third alignment option?

The Gutenburg guys will probably sort it out eventually. In the meantime, don’t get confused.

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